HiFi Felix Volume 4


HiFi Felix - Volume 4
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While putting together backing tracks for one of her solo "Tara-oke" shows, Tara realized she had enough songs to put out another CD, so she rounded up the kid guest stars.  More than ever- 134 to be exact. They got a "real" bass player for one song, and all other noises were made by Tara & Kevin. The cover is by Brian Scheyer, artwork by Kristin Heinlein.

song list: 1. Yer Own Drum, 2. Choca Choca Chip O 3. Have a Good Day 4. Round & Round the Haystack 5. Grow 6. Jenny Jenkins 7. Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck 8. Skip to my Lou 9. Trying 10. Crazy About You 11. Here Are My Hands (based on a book by Bill Martin Jr & John Archambault) 12. Down by the Waterin Hole (By Felix Scheyer) 13. LMNOP Cat 14. Shoo Lie Loo 15. Superstar 16. I Will Never Let You Go

"Big big love to my littles. Felix & Nopa, this crazy fun nuthouse life we have is all thanks to you. Every minute of the madness has been pure magic thanks to the spell we've been under since first meeting you.  Thanks for asking me to write you more songs.  And to sing to you every night... we will do it forever."






HiFi Felix - Volume 2
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This CD was recorded almost entirely during nap times and after babies were in bed at night.  About 15 minutes at a time.  Included are lots of kid singers & kazooists, a very froggy Jeremy Carr, Stephen Hagler on the Rickenbacker, and the massive and beautifully acoustic chest of a special little Doberman named Dooley.  All other noises were made by Tara & Kevin. The cover/artwork is by Brian Scheyer.

song list: 1. Oo De Lally (by roger Miller) 2. Choca Choca Chip O 3. Climbing to the Morning Sun 4. Firefly 5. Crawdad Hole 6. Bate Bate 7. Do Re Mi (by Woody Guthrie) 8. Froggy Song (byJohnny Carr) 9. Big Tellow Taxi (by Joni Mitchell) 10. Joshua Fit the Battle 11. Keep on Truckin 12. New Soul (by Donatien & Naim) 12. Put a Little Love in Your Heart (by Holiday, Myers, DeShannon) 14. Obladi (by Lennon & McCartney) 15. Squanto 16. Real Wild Child (by O'Keefe, Glenan, Owens) 17. Shortnin Bread 18. Good Morning

"Gi-normous thanks to Felix Scheyer for the idea of HiFi Felix in the first place and for all your creative input, rock star dancing and beautiful singing.  You are the muddiest puppy out there and we are so proud to belong to you.  We are amazed that we are lucky enough to get to squeeze on you and sing to you every night.  You are our true inspiration- I'm music & life - and we love you all the way to Mississippi."





HiFi Felix - Volume 1
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This is Tara's first family music release.  It was recorded in her basement studio with lots of kid guest stars, a tuba, theremin and even a very special guest Dragon, Larry Jon Wilson (aka Bobo). All other noises were made by Tara & Kevin.  The cover/artwork is by Brian Scheyer.

song list: 1. Alligator King 2. Nopalito 3. I've Been Everywhere (Geoff Mack) 4. Rockin with You 5. Never Smile at a Crocodile (by Churchill Lawrence) 6. I Once Had a Pumpkin 7. Little Engine that Tried 8. Chicken Lips (John & Nancy Cassidy) 9. Ah Bos Cee Dah (by J.R. Cash) 10.  Erie Canal 11. Give a Little Love (by Hammond & Warren) 12. The Dragon & the Mouse (by Mickey Newbury) 13. Rattlin Bog 14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 15. No One Like You (Andra W Muhoberac)

"To Nopa (aka Felix Moss Onopa Rodriguez Scheyer, Pepe the puppy, and sometimes Anna B. Girl)- this is, of course, entirely for you, my very own silly monkey mud puppy.  I never even knew music till I heard your magic racket and saw you dance the hippo cheerleader cha-cha-cha. Hapaguday, baby."






Felix Navidad
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This is the only HiFi Felix CD recorded mostly in a "real" studio.  It is a collection of songs that were used by the 12 Bands of Christmas as well as new recordings.  12 Bands is a wonderful Augusta, GA- based organization who's mission is "Giving pediatric cancer patients the gift of music while giving their families immediate assistance."  Proceeds from this CD go to the 12 Bands organization. The cover/artwork is by Brian Scheyer.

song list: 1. Frosty the Snowman 2. Santa's Chimney Slide 3. Little Road to Bethlehem (by Head & Young) 4. Mary Had a Baby 5. Red & Yellow, Black & White 6. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 7. Away in a Manger 8. Hallelujah Hallelujah 9. Christmas Time is Here (by Guaraldi & Mendelson) 10. Snow Day (by William James McAuley lll) 11. All I want for Christmas is You (by Tony Geiss) 12. Child of God

"Thank you to my family:  Kevin for coming up with some really creative percussion "instruments" & for playing tag with studio time & the boys' bedtime. Felix, the original mud puppy, for his sweet spirit, beautiful singing and perpetual inspiration. Nopa, the sweet little shadow, for the silly animal sounds, for being so happy all the time, and for just making it so easy for us."
HiFi Felix Volume 1
1.  Alligator King
(by Don Hadley & William Luckey)

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This is a song I've sung (mostly to myself) for nearly 3 decades.  I heard it on Sesame Street when I was 7.  I remember being 7 because the song is about the number 7.  I used to use it for a sound check song when I was playing the clubs with Snapdragon.  The Sesame Street songs and the Schoolhouse Rock songs were my favorites to sing right before we rocked it out.  I heard it again last year with Felix when we were watching ETV one day and dusted it off.  It's the second song I recorded for this project.  Kevin's doing the percussion and I'm doing the singing and playing.


Said the (A) Alligator King to his (D) 7 sons, "I'm (A) feeling mightly (E) down.  
(A) Whichever one of you can (D) cheer me up, will (A) get to (E) wear my (A) crown."
The first son brought 7 oyster pearls from the bottom of the China Sea.  
The second gave him 7 statues of girls with clocks where their bellies should be.  
(D) The third son gave him 7 (A) rubies, from the (E) Shiekdom of DomDeLoey (A).  
But the (D)King thought the rubies were (A) cherries and he (E) broke off 7 of
his  (A) teeth.
The fourth son tried to cheer him up with 7 lemon drops.                                           
The king said, "Sorry, but since those rubies, I just haven't got the chops."
The fifth son brought the king perfume in 7 fancy silver jars.                                 
The king took a whiff and he broke out in spots 'cause it smelled like cheap cigars.
The sixth son gave him 7 diamond rings to wear upon his toes, but
the king snagged his foot on the royal red rug and he crumpled up his nose.
The seventh son of the Alligator King was a thoughtful little whelp.  He
said, "Daddy, appears to me like you could maybe use just a little help."
Said the Alligator King to his seventh son, "My son, you win the crown.
You didn't bring me rubies or diamonds but you helped me up when I was down.
Take the crown, it's yours my son, I hope you don't mind the dents.  I
got it on sale at a discount store, it cost me all of 7 cents!"

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2.  Nopalito
(by Tara Scheyer)

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This was a little clapping song I made up to sing to Felix during meals.  He was just a few months old and was more interested in throwing food than eating it. So for a distraction I'd stomp the floor and he'd stomp the foot rest on the highchair and we'd both clap clap clap and sing sing sing and eventually he'd chew chew chew.
He didn't really start talking early, but once he started, he jumped in head-first.  I was amazed that he learned to count to 10 so quickly ( yes, you'll have to indulge me some "he's SO amazing!" stories) so I added words to our little clapping song about a boy who was so tiny, but could already count so big.  He recorded the counting parts (English AND Spanish) before he turned 2.  By the time I finished it- about 4 months later- he could sing the entire song, so he got added to the choruses.
The other lovely kid voices on this one are my good friend and piano student, Maya Rubio (with the wonderful espanish accent) and the Horseman girls. Lynn & Shawn are dear friends of ours, and their daughters, Kenzie and Chloe, are terrific friends to Felix.   Particularly Chloe, who is always looking for an excuse to hang out with him.  She's a pretty special 8-yr-old to make time for a boring little 2-yr-old. It was Chloe & Felix singing along to an early version of Nopalito from the back seat on our way to Crafty Plaster one day that gave me the idea to add kid voices in the first place.

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NOPALITO    Intro A E, A A E A                    

Nopa was a little little boy.  Nopa came from a little town. 
Nopa had a little little voice, but he did not let his little get him down.

CHORUS (same chords as intro):
Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito, Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito
Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito, Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito

There were 10 little words that he could say, 10 little words to sing
10 little words to make him feel like the biggest little little boy
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!

Felix:  Ha ha- I did it!
Chloe:  Good job, Felix. That was great!
Felix:  Thanks Chloe!

Nopa sleeps in a little bed, he prays the Lord his soul to keep.
And when he lays down his little head you can hear him count himself to sleep
Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro, Cinco, Sies, Siete, Ocho, Nueve, Dies!

Felix:  Yay!
Maya: Muy bien, Felix
Felix:  Thanks, Maya.  Muchas gracias!

Nopa raises up his little head.  Nopa stretches his little arms out.
Nopa stands up tall and he says with the biggest little little voice around:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!

Last Chorus:
There were 10 little words that he could say
Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito
10 little words to sing outloud
Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito
10 little words to make him feel
Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito
Like the biggest little little boy around
Nopa, Nopa, Nopa, Nopalito

Shawn:  Awesome!
Felix:  We did it!
Chloe:  You were good.
Felix:  Yay Chloe!
Kenzie:  Good job, Chloe.
Chloe:  Awesome, Mackenzie!
Felix:  Good job, Kenzie!  Maya rocks!
Cecilia:  Ffff!  Fffff!
Felix:  CC is so happy for me!
Felix:  Yay Cecilia!  I'm so proud.

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3.  I've Been Everywhere
(by Geoff Mack

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We were on a big Johnny Cash kick after Walk the Line came out (around 2005). We'd all sing along to the soundtrack and actually Felix's favorite song was their cover of Bob Dylan's It Ain't Me Babe.  I tried really hard to make that work for this project, but it just didn't fit.  We liked the idea of a Johnny Cash song on the record, though, so we looked through our collection and when we tried to narrow down our choices, I thought the only one that we obviously CAN'T do is I've Been Everywhere, because, well, can you imagine kids trying to sing that?  And then I thought, Hey- can you imagine kids trying to sing that!  So I enlisted some very bright kids and they laid their tracks down like pros.  All three Guittons are on it:  Anna, Jack & Josie; Stephen Hagler, Michael McCormack and Chloe Horseman (she sings the solo verse at the beginning).  Kaylee Hanchey and Felix sang along on the choruses. Kevin played the percussion and I played instruments.  There was a nice big sale at Musicians Friend so I got a banjo and mandolin for next to nothing just to put on this song.  They're both sitting in the piano studio hoping somebody'll play them for real, so let me know if you want to pick them up for a while.


Well I was totin my pack along the dusty Winnamucka road
When along came a semi with a high and canvas covered load
If you're going to Winnamucka, Mack, with me you can ride
And so I climbed into the cab and I settled down inside.
He asked me if I'd seen a road with so much dust and sand
And I said, "Listen!  I've traveled every road in this here land!"

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man.
Crossed the deserts bare, man
Breathed the mountain air, man
Travel, I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere.

I've been to
Reno Chicago Fargo Minnesota
Buffalo Toronto Winslow Sarasota
Wichita Tulsa Ottawa Oklahoma
Tampa Panama Mattua La Paloma
Bangor Baltimore Salvador Amarillo
Tocapillo Pocotello Amperdillo, I'm a killer

I've been to
Boston Charleston Dayton Louisiana
Washington Houston Kingston, Texarkana
Monterey Fairaday Santa Fe Tallapoosa
Glen Rock Black Rock Little Rock Oskaloussa
Tennessee Tinnesay Chickapee Spirit Lake
Grand Lake Devil's Lake Crater Lake for pete's sake


I've been to
Louisville Nashville Knoxville Omerback
Shereville Jacksonville Waterville Costa Rock
Richfield Springfield Bakersfield Shreveport
Hakensack Cadillac Fond du Lac Davenport
Idaho Jellico Argentina Diamondtina
Pasadena Catalina see what I mean

I've been to
Pittsburgh Parkersburg Gravelburg Colorado
Ellisburg Rexburg Vicksburg Eldorado
Larimore Adimore Habastock Chadanocka
Shasta Nebraska Alaska Opalacka
Baraboo Waterloo Kalamazoo Kansas City
Souix City Cedar City Dodge City what a pity!


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4.  Rockin with You
(by Tara Scheyer)

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This was the first "tara" song I'd written in a year, maybe two.  I was watching my boy play on his new Kangaroo Climber that my mom (his Mimi) got him for his 2nd birthday and I picked up the guitar and it all came out at once.  I wanted a song that we could waltz around to.  Now, each night as we head to the rocker to read before bed, Felix reminds me that it's my favorite part of the day.  I thank him for the reminder, but somehow I don't think I could ever forget.
In 2008 I was incredibly fortunate to a part of a Peter Pawlus production of this song with Dance Augusta.  I performed the song live on stage at Augusta’s Imperial Theatre while the dancers performed around me.  It was definitely a career highlight!

ROCKIN WITH YOU (capo on 4:  C9, G)

One foot up and one foot on the ground
It won't get me anywhere, it won't move me all around
But two feet up and higher still
It looks like we might soon be king of this hill

Climbing, I'm climbing, I'm climbing, it's true
Climbing may not seem like much fun to do
But I'm climbing, I'm climbing, I'm climbing it's true
And I'll keep climbing as long as I'm climbing with you

Kick & pull and to & fro
It won't get me anywhere or tell me what I need to know
But pump your feet and hold on tight
It's a beautiful day for a mid-morning flight

Swinging, I'm swinging, I'm swinging so high
Swinging is not such a hard thing to try
Swinging, I'm swinging, I'm swinging it's true
And I'll keep swinging as long as I'm swinging with you

One arm out front and one behind
won't get me anywhere, it won't broaden my mind but a
leap and spin and a good wiggle, too
and it looks like we might fit right in at the zoo

Dancing, I'm dancing right out of my shoes
Dancing my heart out, my heart out for you
Dancing, I'm dancing, I'm dancing, it's true
And I'll keep dancing as long as I'm dancing with you

A word, a sound, a mixed-up punch line
It won't get me anywhere, it won't save me any time but
lean in close and bend an ear
it's the funniest thing that you ever will hear

Laughing, I'm laughing, I'm laughing it's true
I've heard it before, but each time it's new
Laughing, I'm laughing, I'm laughing, it's true
And I'll keep laughing as long as I'm laughing with you

D D/F# G  
And we get taller
D D/F# G
and we grow stronger
D D/F# Em 
we become wiser 
until one day we find we no longer have time
for a sweet silly rhyme between two good friends

Back & forth and down the lights
It won't get me anywhere, it won't show me any new sights but
Back & forth and close your eyes
My favorite part of the day has arrived

Rocking, I'm rocking, the best thing I do
Rocking my baby, my sweet baby you
Rocking, I'm rocking, I'm rocking it's true
and I'll keep rocking as long as I'm rocking with you

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5.  Never Smile
At a Crocodile

(by Churchill Lawrence)

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I didn't even know this was from Peter Pan.  I learned it from the Little Marcy records that I listened to with my cousins at Grandmama's house in Mississippi.  Her version was very soft and sweet so I wanted to make mine really different.  I used my old faithful Rickenbacker and a little Nashville Danelectro practice amp turned up to 11 to get the distortion.  Kevin recorded the drums with just an overhead and snare mic on one track (I still don't know how to record more than one at a time) and got a pretty big sound considering.  Our friend, Eric Kinlaw, came in with his Theremin and I looped it through the whole song, and that's what you hear doing the spooky singing on the last verse.  If you think it sounds crazy, you should see him play it- it's awesome!

Never smile at a crocodile
No you can't get friendly with a crocodile
Don't be taken in with his welcome grin
He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin
Never smile at a crocodile
Never tip your hat and stop to talk awhile
Never run, walk away
Say goodnight, not good day
Clear the aisle and never smile at mister crocodile!

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6.  I Once had a Pumpkin

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During a piano lesson in the summer of 2003, my 6-yr-old student Abby Holbertson wanted to sing a song for me.  She sang I Once had a Pumpkin and I laughed so hard I almost cried.  I had just installed my Cakewalk recording program, so I quick turned on the mic and got her to sing it again.  I saved it and knew I'd use it for something someday.  
By the way, if her parents read this -just so you know- I did end up keeping her late that day so she got her full piano lesson in.


I once had a pumpkin a pumpkin a pumpkin
I once had a pumpkin with no face at all
With no eyes and no nose and no mouth and no ears
Oh I once had a pumpkin with no face at all

So I made a jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern
So I made a jack-o-lantern with a big funny face
With a big eyes and a big nose and a big mouth and a big ears
So I made a jack-o-lantern with a big funny face

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7.  Little Engine That Tried
(by Tara Scheyer)

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I wrote this one in 2005 for Arts in the Heart.  We were just starting to toss the kid record idea around so I wrote a song Erin Jacobs) just to see what the reaction would be.  Lots of folks told me they liked the idea (I even started getting requests for it - thanks, Gary), so we decided to start putting some serious time into this kid song idea.
I sang and played guitar, piano, bass, Kevin played the salt shaker, and Felix played the train whistle.  It was a Thomas the Tank Engine whistle given to him by his little friend, Sarah Allen.  He had another one that he got at Day Out with Thomas in Chattanooga a few months ago, but it was at Nana's house at the time.  Ask him about it, he loves to tell the Chattanooga story.


Choo choo choo Chug along
Choo Choo Choo Rolling strong
I'm gonna make it up that mountain
Gonna climb right up it's side

'Cause I'm the little engine that tried

V1   EmxxxxxxxxxxxC9xxxxxxxxxxxxDxxxxxxxxxG                 
I'm not big like the trains that you know from T.V.
And I'm not brave like the ones in the storybooks, you see.
Yeah, I'm just a little kid train and I"ll do the best that I can

My mountains are not big and tall and hard to command
They're just ordinary obstacles and everyday demands.
I will do my best and sometimes I'll pass the test.

Now I don't climb a mountain every time I'm out the door
In fact, in all my life, I've only climbed 3 - no, 4
EmxxxxxxxxxxxC9xxxxxxxEmxxxxxxxxxC9 D
But I know if I try I can make it up to 5,
EmxxxxxxxxxxxC9xxxxxxxEmxxD/F# G C9 D
yes I know if I try, I can make it up to 5.

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8.  Chicken Lips
(by John and Nancy Cassidy)

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The Bruce Springstein version of this song was on a CD given to me as a baby gift for Felix by a former piano student, Anna Patrick.  Kevin always liked this song and kept trying to talk me into recording it.  Then finally, one day I agreed to put it on IF he would agree to sing it.  You have to understand he NEVER sings in public (although he does lots of impressions at home- you should hear his Kermit the Frog and John Crooke!  And don't even get me started on his Dwight Yoakim...) so it took lots of persuading to finally get him (begrudgingly) in front of the mic.  He ended up sounding amazing and now I try to get him to sing with me on all the songs.  He stills says no, but I'm working on him. I got a couple of my piano students and their 3rd musketeer to come in and sing on the choruses:  Jack Guitton, Stephen Hagler and Michael McCormack.  We sang it through
several times and I recorded each one. Every take got a little sillier and on the last one, they let Felix sit in with them.  He added a "yuck!" and a "gross!"  here and there and sang with them on the choruses.  When I listened back to pick which track to use, they were all so funny, I just decided to use them all, one layered on top of the other.  It ended up sounding like a live recording with lots of boys singing along instead of just the four of them.
This is my first recording of cover songs, so I had to acquire the rights to use each song.  It was new to me, but was a pretty easy process.  Most of the songs were listed on a database and I just shopped though, picked out the songs I wanted, specified how many copies I'd be making and then paid a one-time fee at the checkout.  This song was one of the more difficult ones to acquire the rights to.  In the end I actually got in touch with the songwriter, a lovely lady named Nancy Cassidy.  She wrote this song ages ago and was excited that another generation of kids would be listening to her song.  She's written tons of great kid songs and she and her husband are still out there playing sold-out shows to kids across the country

This one goes out to all you kids out there who don't like it when
your mom and dad try to get you to eat everything on your dinner plate!

Well when I was a little kid I never liked to eat
My mom would put things on my plate and I'd dump 'em on her feet
Then one day she made this soup and I ate it all in bed
I asked her what she put in it, and this is what she said:
Chicken lips and lizard hips and alligator eyes
Monkey legs and buzzard eggs and salamander thighs
Well rabbit ears and camel rears and tasty toenail pie
Stir it all together- it's Mama's soup surprise!

(That's nothing, my mom makes me eat grasshoppers.
Oh come on!  That's better than caterpillar legs!
My mom makes me eat spinach!

I went into the bathroom and I stood beside the sink
I said, I'm feeling slightly ill and I think I'd like a drink
Well Mama said I've just the thing, I'll get it in a wink
It's full of lots of proteins and vitamins, I think!

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9.  Ah Bos Cee Dah
(by J.R. Cash)

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I found this song on a CD I got at Borders called "The Johnny Cash Children's Album".  It's a terrific collection of mostly original songs that was put together by his son, John Carter Cash.  I loved this song because it was fun to sing.  If you ever get a chance to hear his album, some of the best stuff is the stories he tells between songs about his kids, nieces and nephews.  And the liner notes written by his son are just beautiful.  It certainly paints a different picture of the "Man in Black" and makes me love his music even more.  My version is not very original- it's pretty much word for word and note for note an exact copy of Johnny Cash's version.  I added some backups, but his was so nice and simple and I wanted to keep mine that way, too.
This song was probably the most difficult to acquire permission to use.  Apparently this song was written in the 70's but had never been released.  "The Johnny Cash Children's Album" just became available in 2005, right about the time I found it at Borders, so it was too new to be listed in any databases yet.  I looked for months, searching online, writing his publishing company, calling my old contacts in Nashville.  Nobody could find it.  Then I mentioned it to my good friend Larry Jon Wilson one day who said "Why don't you just get in touch with John Carter and ask him about it?"  Well, yeah, but how on earth am I gonna do that?  Oh, of course, Larry Jon knew how.  (He NEVER ceased to amaze me!)  So I did get in touch with John Carter Cash ("JCC here, how can I help you?") who talked to me a little about the song and his dad, and then put me in
touch with his publisher who got the ball rolling.  Quite an adventure for such a tiny little song.

Well if you'd like to learn your ABC's
Then listen very carefully to me.
You can sing them like a funny foreign song
and very very soon you'll sing along

The first 8 letters go like this:
Ah Bos Cee Dah Ee Fah Ga Ha
Ah Bos Cee Dah Ee Fah Ga Ha
Ah Bos Cee Dah Ee Fah Ga Ha

The next 8 go like this:
I Jah Ka La Me Nah Oo Pah
I Jah Ka La Me Nah Oo Pah
I Jah Ka La Me Nah Oo Pah

Now that's 16 letters, and there's 10 more you know
so let's take these next 10 slow

Qu Rah See Tah Uu Vee Wah X Yah Zee
Qu Rah See Tah Uu Vee Wah X Yah Zee
Qu Rah See Tah Uu Vee Wah X Yah Zee

Now let's put it all together:
Ah Bos Cee Dah Ee Fah Ga Ha
I Jah Ka La Me Nah Oo Pah
Qu Rah See Tah Uu Vee Wah X Yah Zee

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10. Erie Canal

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When Felix was a couple months old, we were bouncing along to a Sesame Street video tape called "Happy Healthy Monsters" and a song came on that really stopped me in my tracks.  That's rare these days so I paid closed attention.  It was called "Jump Up" by a crazy-haired man named Dan Zanes.  Turns out he's an old rock-and-roller (from the Del Fuegos) who has lots of kids records out.  We went out and bought all we could find right away, and told all our friends with kids about him.  About a year later, Felix turned his new baby cousin (and my Goddaughter), Cecilia, on to him and now I think she -translation: her dad- is his biggest fan!  They're going to see him in concert in Atlanta in December.   Rock on baby girl!
My version of Erie Canal is a total rip-off of his Suzanne Vega version on Rocket Ship Beach.  I just loved the spooky sound of it.  So if you like mine, you'll love the original- check out Dan Zanes' website from our links page.

ERIE CANAL (capo 3)
V1     Em       D         C9     C9/B
Oh, I've got a mule her name is Sal
Em D D/F# Em
15 miles on the Erie Canal
She's a good ole worker and a good ole pal
Em D D/F# Em
15 miles on the Erie Canal
We've hauled some barges in our day
filled with lumber, coal and hay
and we know every inch of the way
Em D D/F# Em D
from Albany to Buffalo

Low bridge, everybody down
Low bridge, cause we're coming to a town 
Em       D         C9     C9/B
And you'll always know your neighbor You'll always know your pal
Em D D/F# Em
If you ever navigated on the Erie Canal

We'd better look around for a job ole gal
15 miles on the Erie Canal
'Cause you bet your life I'd never part with Sal
15 miles on the Erie Canal
Get up there, mule, here comes a lock
We'll make Rome 'bout 6 o'clock
One more trip and back we'll go
right back home to Buffalo


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11.  Give a Little Love
(by Albert Hammond & Diane Warren)

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Most of the kids singing with me are pretty young, so I wanted to do a song that would showcase my two older singers, Anna Guitton and Kenzie Horseman.  I picked this song because I've always loved the Ziggy Marley version.  Kevin and I recorded it, I put down my vocals and then the girls did the rest.  They came up with some of the harmonies, the solo verse, the hand claps, and the improv section at the end.  Yeah, they rock.

V1 (C G)
Living in the crazy world
So caught up in the confusion
Nothing is making sense
for me and you

Maybe we can find a way
There's got to be a solution
How to make a brighter day
What do we do?

We've got to
C                      F  
Give a little love, have a little hope 
C                                  G
make this world a little better
C                      F  
Try a little more, harder than before
C                                  G
Let's do what we can do together
Oh, whoa, oh (C G)
We can really make it better, yeah
Oh, whoa, oh, la, la, la,
Only if we try

Got the words on our minds
Got the troubles on our shoulders
Sometimes it seems too much
What we go through

Maybe if we take the time
to understand each other
We can learn to make it right
What do we do


BRIDGE         Am         F                       G

If everybody took somebody by the hand
(come on take him by the hand) 
Maybe everyone could learn to love and understand

Repeat CHORUS (and variations of CHORUS) to end

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12.  The Dragon and the Mouse (by Mickey Newbury)

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I knew I wanted Larry Jon Wilson to sing a song on this project, but I could never figure out the right song.  Finally one day, he played me this song from Mickey's album His Eye Is On The Sparrow.  Kevin & I have been big Newbury fans since the day we got to hang out with John D. Laudermilk in Bell Buckle, TN, and he told us about some of their wild escapades (and
THAT's a story for another day!).  Plus, Larry Jon and Mickey were really good friends so I thought it was the perfect choice. Besides what better voice for a well-mannered dragon?  It quickly became Felix's favorite song, so I added his voice at the beginning asking me for the hundreth time to "play Bobo's song". I tried to get the guitar in tune with my toy piano, but it's old and not even in tune with itself, I don't think.  I really liked the end result, hopefully it doesn't hurt your ears... That piano was a present for my 2nd Christmas (1972) from my mom so I would quite banging on hers.  She even made me a red velvet cushion to match the "real" piano.  Two decades later she pulled it out of the attic and gave it to me again when I graduated from college with a piano degree.  It's the second recording I've used it on (check out Scary Clown Robber from the Snapdragon release Drinking Watermelon Sugar).

Tara:  What do you want to hear next, Felix?
Felix:  I wanna hear BoBo.
Tara:  Larry Jon?
Felix:  BoBo!
Tara:  Okay.  Which song?
Felix:  The Dragon and the Mouse.

(Even fiery dragons get lonesome sometimes, too.)
The dragon lay asleep in his bed (D G A)
While a little mouse was busy swiftly stealing his bread
In the sugar bowl he tumbles having to stand on his head
Surely I will never see tomorrow for I will be dead
What a way to go I know that I was so foolish he said
Then he broke down and cried.

Waking he jumped to his feet, the fiery dragon
hearing something squeaky disturbing his sleep
Maybe there is something funny happening down on the street
Walking to the window peering what in the world can it be?
And in the sugar bowl the little mouse he could now feel the heat
He was so terrified
(he was so terrified)

Well since I'm already awake he said
I do believe I might as well have some tea and some cake in bed
Even fiery dragons like to occasionally bake
Walking through the kitchen stopping short he said,
For goodness sakes! as he narrowed his eyes

Oh wouldn't you like to be free?  
He proceeded to the cupboard holding that mouse in his teeth
I was just about to sit awhile and have something to eat
Even fiery dragons do get lonely occasionally
Please do step inside

(Oh I sure am glad you came. I hate to bake alone.  And it's true-
fiery dragons do get lonesome sometimes, too.  Step back inside,
stay awhile.)
Felix:  That's nice

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13.  Rattlin Bog

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I brought this song back from a trip to Ireland.  My good friend (and singing partner since 1994) Erin Jacobs invited me to go with her (and her mom Teri and her Aunt Jo) back when we first started singing together.    I took my guitar, she took her flute and we played at pubs, shops and homes from Dublin, across to Galway and back again.  The journey was a gorgeous awakening for me.  I went to the Hill of Tara, where I'd dreamed of going my whole life.  I was hoping for some divine inspiration, and believe me I got it in abundance.  It was a land of music, nature, family, fellowship and Guinness.  And I loved
every minute of it!  Playing from this little songbook again was a great way to reminisce about my time in the home land, and it's perfect for this record since it takes a little bit of memory work (and great lung capacity) to get through it!
For the kid voices, I brought in all the Guittons:  Anna, Jack and Josie.  And yes, they truly are the SuperDupers.  For the bass part, it was Kevin's idea to use a tuba.  He knew of a great player at the school where he teaches.  He was in the 11th grade at the time, his name is Jonathan Perkins and he was a total joy to work with- and what an excellent music reader! Mr. Wright did a great job with those band kids at ARC! The tuba reminded me of a polka feel which led me to the accordion.  I got my accordion at Nashville Used about seven years ago.  There's a terrific piano teacher I worked with at Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music who was also known for being an amazing accordion player.  When I got mine, I decided to take lessons from her.  So I showed up for my first lesson with Karen Krueger and there was this crazy skinny guy in her office wearing liederhosen. She introduced us and said, "Here's your accordion lesson.  I've just signed you up to play with Das Polka Brueden (I think that was their name!  It meant the polka brothers).  They've got a gig tonight at Bosco's.  I'll show you how to hold the accordion correctly and then you're on your own."  It was amazing!  I swam in the deep end with those crazy polka brothers for a couple years, even did some weddings.  It was fun to pull that hilarious instrument out, again.  And before you turn your nose up at me, let me remind you that polka music may have a reputation for being ridiculous, but it is actually very difficult- and most importantly, always makes people laugh.


D               G                      D                            A
Ho, ro, the rattlin' bog, the bog down in the valley-o
D                  G                  G                            A    D  
Ho, ro, the rattlin' bog, the bog down in the valley-o

V1       D                                                                 A
Now in that bog there was a tree, a rare tree and a rattlin' tree
And the tree in the bog
D                                  A        D 
And the bog down in the valley-o


Now on that tree there was a branch, a rare branch and a rattlin' branch
And the branch on the tree
And the tree in the bog
And the bog down in the valley-o


etc until the last verse:
Now in that bird there was a song, a rare song and a rattlin' song
And the song in the bird
And the bird in the nest
And the nest on the limb
And the limb on the branch
And the branch on the tree
And the tree in the bog
And the bog down in the valley-o

CHORUS (twice)

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14.  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (traditional; additional verses by Tara Scheyer)

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I wrote the 3rd verse back in college at USM for an English class project about stars.  I always thought it would make a nice song lyric, so now I've finally gotten a chance to use it.  The others I wrote as we were recording, trying to use images that made me feel "twinkly".
This is a great song for really young voices so I used the youngest members of the Mud Puppy Band:  Felix Scheyer, Gabby Williams, Ryan McCormack, Kaylee Hanchey and Maya Rubio.   That's Felix counting me off at the beginning and Ryan counting everybody off for the last chorus.

Felix:  1, 2, ready, go!       
(G)Twinkle twinkle (C)little (G)star
(C)How I (G)wonder (D)what you (G)are
(G)Up (C)above the (G)world so (D)high
(G)Like a (C)diamond (G)in the (D)sky
(G)Twinkle twinkle (C)little (G)star
(C)How I (G)wonder (D)what you are
C9 G, C9 G, C9 G D

(C)Red and orange, (G)yellow, green
(D)Blue & purple and in (G)between
(C)The brightest star (G)I've ever seen
(D)Takes me sweetly (D7)to my dreams


Magic flames that jump and shake
like candles on my birthday cake
like dancers in a sky ballet
that wink at me as they sway

Tiny shiny mystic flashes
make me think of your eyelashes
kissing softly on my cheek
As I hold you when you sleep
Ryan:  1, 2, ready sing!

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15.  No One Like You
(by Andra Willis Muhoberac)

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This song is from the Muppet's Rocky Mountain Christmas, but I found it in the Reader's Digest Songbook at the Guitton's house one night after a piano lesson.  I've never heard the Muppet version, but it's probably very slow and quiet like mine.  The words are just so sweet, it sounded like a sort of lullabye to me, so I only used piano and a little keyboards on it.  For the bass part, I needed someone who could bow (to hold those long notes out), so Eric Kinlaw came to my rescue again.  I love watching him play the bass.  He's so gifted.  If you're ever eating at his restaurant downtown - The Bee's Knees- and you happen to see him, tell him I said so. I thought it would be nice to end this album with a lullabye, a quiet goodnight.  I hope you enjoy it and it gives you sweet dreams.  We'll be back to wake you up again, soon, with volume 2.

I like your (E)eyes
I like your (A)nose
I like your (B)mouth, your ears, your hands, your (E)toes
I like your (E)face
it's really (A)you
(F#)I like the things you say and (B)do
There's not a (Fm)single (B)soul
who (E)sees the (A)skies
the (B)way you see 'em through your (E)eyes
And (A)aren't you (B)glad,
(G#)you should be (C#m)glad
There's (E)no one, (B)no one,
exactly like (E)you

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HiFi Felix Volume 1
is dedicated to Nopa (aka Felix Moss Onopa Rodriguez Scheyer, Pepe the Puppy, and
sometimes Anna B. Girl) - this is, of course, entirely for you, my ve
ry own silly monkey mud puppy.
 I never even knew music till I heard your magic racket and saw you dance the hippo cheerleader
cha-cha-cha.  Hapaguday, baby.
Download and print text, lyrics and notes for the entire album by clicking here.
Individual songs can be printed below.
Tara Scheyer

This record was made with love entirely in Solemente Nada Studios, Augusta, GA (our basement).  I know all the edges are not tucked nicely under and I see that the hem has come loose and shows sometimes when you turn just so.  But that's my life- messy and worn, and comfortable and full of love.  I do hope you enjoy it.  I can tell you, though, that I will never enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed pushing that record button with all these amazing kids and guest artists.  I had so much fun squishing around barefoot through it with my family and friends - never quite knowing where I'd end up (delicious 7-layer cake or messy, icky mud pie?) and realizing that that's not really the point, anyway.