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What people are saying about Tara:

“Tara turns car rides into magical adventures with her hypnotic voice and amazing songwriting skills.  I couldn’t drive my kids without listening to her music!”

Ginnelle Elliott (has kids in Baby Bear Class and Ukulele Camp)

“She make piano lessons fun!...Finding her as a piano teacher for my daughter has been a blessing...”.

David Bennett (has a child in Piano Studio)

“One of the most positive and creative individuals I've ever met!”

Shannon Axon (has three children in Silly Monkey Class, Piano Studio, Ukulele Camp, and Mud Puppy Band Kid Guest Stars)

Ms. Tara, Rocks! She's the best music teacher I know…”

Bailey Axon (piano student; 10 yrs old)

“Her spirit shines through her songs and her passion is revealed in her attention to every detail. “

Heather Parker (has a child in Baby Bear class)

"My favorite part is watching my shy 2 year old come alive to Tara's beautiful voice and with her natural, easy guidance.”

Kelly Quarles (has a child in Baby Bear class)

 “I highly recommend you get your kids into music lessons with Tara.  If you have the chance for Tara to teach your kids music... don't miss it.  She is THE best!”

Ryan and Amber McKinney (have two kids in Silly Monkey class and Piano Studio)


"Tara has a unique ability to encourage and inspire creativity in children through her music". 

Braye & Tori Boardman (have children in Piano Studio)


"I always tell people that every Mother should know about Tara. It is really cool that we have someone like her in Augusta, it would be a shame for any mother in Augusta to miss out on what she does for children." My daughter, Allie Rose thinks she is a rock star and so do I! We rock out in the car to Tara every day."

Heather DiCicco (daughter takes piano lessons)