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HiFi Felix vol 1


This is Tara's first family music release.  It was recorded in her basement studio with lots of kid guest stars, a tuba, theremin and even a very special guest Dragon, Larry Jon Wilson (aka Bobo). All other noises were made by Tara & Kevin.  The cover/artwork is by Brian Scheyer.

song list 

1. Alligator King 

2. Nopalito 

3. I've Been Everywhere (Geoff Mack) 

4. Rockin with You 

5. Never Smile at a Crocodile (by Churchill Lawrence) 

6. I Once Had a Pumpkin 

7. Little Engine that Tried 

8. Chicken Lips (John & Nancy Cassidy) 

9. Ah Bos Cee Dah (by J.R. Cash) 

10.  Erie Canal 

11. Give a Little Love (by Hammond & Warren) 12. The Dragon & the Mouse (by Mickey Newbury) 

13. Rattlin Bog

 14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

15. No One Like You (Andra W Muhoberac)

"To Nopa (aka Felix Moss Onopa Rodriguez Scheyer, Pepe the puppy, and sometimes Anna B. Girl)- this is, of course, entirely for you, my very own silly monkey mud puppy.  I never even knew music till I heard your magic racket and saw you dance the hippo cheerleader cha-cha-cha. Hapaguday, baby."

HiFi Felix vol 2


This CD was recorded almost entirely during nap times and after babies were in bed at night.  About 15 minutes at a time.  Included are lots of kid singers & kazooists, a very froggy Jeremy Carr, Stephen Hagler on the Rickenbacker, and the massive and beautifully acoustic chest of a special little Doberman named Dooley.  All other noises were made by Tara & Kevin. The cover/artwork is by Brian Scheyer.

song list 

1. Oo De Lally (by roger Miller) 

2. Choca Choca Chip O 

3. Climbing to the Morning Sun 

4. Firefly 

5. Crawdad Hole 

6. Bate Bate 

7. Do Re Mi (by Woody Guthrie) 

8. Froggy Song (byJohnny Carr) 

9. Big Tellow Taxi (by Joni Mitchell)

10. Joshua Fit the Battle 

11. Keep on Truckin 

12. New Soul (by Donatien & Naim) 

13. Put a Little Love in Your Heart (by Holiday, Myers, DeShannon) 

14. Obladi (by Lennon & McCartney) 

15. Squanto 

16. Real Wild Child (by O'Keefe, Glenan, Owens)

 17. Shortnin Bread

 18. Good Morning

"Gi-normous thanks to Felix Scheyer for the idea of HiFi Felix in the first place and for all your creative input, rock star dancing and beautiful singing.  You are the muddiest puppy out there and we are so proud to belong to you.  We are amazed that we are lucky enough to get to squeeze on you and sing to you every night.  You are our true inspiration- I'm music & life - and we love you all the way to Mississippi."

HiFi Felix vol 3: Felix Navidad


This is the only HiFi Felix CD recorded mostly in a "real" studio.  It is a collection of songs that were used by the 12 Bands of Christmas as well as new recordings.  12 Bands is a wonderful Augusta, GA- based organization who's mission is "Giving pediatric cancer patients the gift of music while giving their families immediate assistance."  Proceeds from this CD go to the 12 Bands organization. The cover/artwork is by Brian Scheyer.

song list

 1. Frosty the Snowman 

2. Santa's Chimney Slide 

3. Little Road to Bethlehem (by Head & Young) 4. Mary Had a Baby 

5. Red & Yellow, Black & White 

6. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 

7. Away in a Manger 

8. Hallelujah Hallelujah 

9. Christmas Time is Here (by Guaraldi & Mendelson)

10. Snow Day (by William James McAuley lll)

 11. All I want for Christmas is You (by Tony Geiss) 

12. Child of God

"Thank you to my family:  Kevin for coming up with some really creative percussion "instruments" & for playing tag with studio time & the boys' bedtime. Felix, the original mud puppy, for his sweet spirit, beautiful singing and perpetual inspiration. Nopa, the sweet little shadow, for the silly animal sounds, for being so happy all the time, and for just making it so easy for us."

HiFi Felix vol 4


While putting together backing tracks for one of her solo "Tara-oke" shows, Tara realized she had enough songs to put out another CD, so she rounded up the kid guest stars.  More than ever- 134 to be exact. They got a "real" bass player for one song, and all other noises were made by Tara & Kevin. The cover is by Brian Scheyer, artwork by Kristin Heinlein.

song list

1. Yer Own Drum, 

2. Choca Choca Chip O 

3. Have a Good Day 

4. Round & Round the Haystack 

5. Grow 

6. Jenny Jenkins 

7. Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck 

8. Skip to my Lou 

9. Trying 

10. Crazy About You 

11. Here Are My Hands (based on a book by Bill Martin Jr & John Archambault) 

12. Down by the Waterin Hole (By Felix Scheyer) 13. LMNOP Cat 

14. Shoo Lie Loo 

15. Superstar 

16. I Will Never Let You Go

"Big big love to my littles. Felix & Nopa, this crazy fun nuthouse life we have is all thanks to you. Every minute of the madness has been pure magic thanks to the spell we've been under since first meeting you.  Thanks for asking me to write you more songs.  And to sing to you every night... we will do it forever."

HiFi Felix vol 5: faves


coming soon

Tara VanDevender Scheyer


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All CDs are $15 (includes shipping)

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