School Year Lessons - info



-Piano Club, UkuLittles, UkuMiddles, Uke Crazy and Private Piano Lessons all meet at my home studio: 

513 Ashland Dr, Augusta, GA . 30909

-Mud Puppy Music Club (baby classes) meet in my EDS classroom.



Each student needs 2 books: My First Piano Adventures and Music Theory for Young Children.  You can purchase these ahead of time, or purchase them from me at the first lesson.  The books are $10 each.  Students will leave books with me each week until the end of the year.


Bring your instrument and case (if you have one).  I supply everything else.


Bring your piano bag with: 1. Lesson Book 2 .Theory book. 3 Notebook 4. Folder  

New students need to purchase 2 books: Alfred's All-In-One Course Book 1, and Music Theory for Young Children. You can purchase these ahead of time or purchase from me at the first lesson.  The books are $10 each.  I will supply the bag/folder/notebook.


* Do not drop off/pick up/ or even walk your child ACROSS THE STREET.  Always drop off/ pick up your child from my side of the street. Cars fly down my street!

* Before class: You may drop off and let your child walk across my yard to the music room, or you can wait to drive up to my driveway and let me open the door for them.  Either way is fine- as long as they are NOT crossing the street.  New students- parents are welcome to walk their children in until they are comfortable doing it on their own.

* After class: Park your cars on my side of the street, facing UP the hill, starting just below my driveway (please do not block my driveway).  I will bring the kids out in a line, and put them in your cars one at a time from my driveway.  As each child goes in their car and the car drives away, the whole line will move forward until all the kids are in their cars.  

* Friday's advanced group, Uke Crazy, is the exception.  I still want you parked on my side of the street in a carline, but you don't have to wait for me to put the kids in your car.  They are old enough to get to their cars on their own.

* After carline:  please drive up the hill and turn left on Palmer to leave the neighborhood.  Please do NOT turn around in a driveway and drive right back through the congested carline area.


I will send individual info via email and text, but please sign up for the REMIND group your child is in (links are below) so I can send info quickly to the whole group when needed.  If you were in a different group last year, please sign up for your new one.

Please add the Remind app to your phone and sign up for your group:

 - Piano Club, use this link:

 - UkuLittles, use this link:

 - UkuMiddles, use this link:

 - private piano students, use this link:

 - Uke Crazy students, use this link: